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Flashback: ‘That ’70s Show’s very Gay that is special Episode Not Age Well

Flashback: ‘That ’70s Show’s very Gay that is special Episode Not Age Well

Eric events back once again to the security of their cellar, where he lays a showy no-homo smooch on Donna right in front of all of the their buddies, then postures to provide so just how manly and therefore super right he’s. The audience yowls and hoots with approval. Eric seems their masculinity ended up being called into concern because some body thought he had been homosexual, as well as though it is somebody he likes and admires, it therefore panics him he rushes to overcompensate with uncharacteristic and totally hetero PDA, bro.

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Then we get to listen to the way the gang responds not to ever the kiss, but to Buddys orientation that is sexual Fez declares hes so obviously homosexual. Outraged, Jackie rejects it outright, giving no reason at all. Then Kelso concurs, describing, If Buddy was gay hed be all over me. Because thats just how gay dudes work, a lusty monolith struggling to get a handle on their desire to have dopey hunks. Compared to that 70s Shows credit, the viewers laughs at this remark. And I also suspect the laugh is supposed to become more about Kelsos vanity, much less about his assumptions that are insulting homosexual guys.

Later on, given that combined team components methods, Hyde and Donna part Eric and have straight if Buddy is homosexual. They look excited because of the concept, want its juicy gossip.