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I would ike to inform about Linda Ronstadt never stopped performing

I would ike to inform about Linda Ronstadt never stopped performing

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA — Try telling Linda Ronstadt where she can’t get, what she can’t do. Just do it.

But before you try, visualize her at age 4, maybe not yet in kindergarten, riding a pony fast and totally free through the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, evading rattlesnakes and adult direction.

Picture her as an adolescent, giving her parents a couple hours’ notice before riding down to Los Angeles to become a singer. Image her performing for arena crowds, a megastar with big brown eyes and brief shorts, the dream woman of a generation, taking on folk, stone, pop, nation, Latin music and US standards.

Photo her anything that is doing than viewing her very own induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not to mention attending the ceremony. Picture her turning up towards the White House to get the nationwide Medal of Arts from Barack Obama, then image that medal collecting dust under her sleep.

That is probably in which the Kennedy Center Honors she’ll get this will also be stashed (she at least plans to “suffer through” that ceremony in person), because all of that — the reverence, the recognition — isn’t important to her month. The actual only real important things to Linda Ronstadt, ever, happens to be the component you can’t visualize: the experience of singing.