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My boyfriend freaked away because I experienced a threesome

My boyfriend freaked away because I experienced a threesome

It simply happened before we had been together, but he can not manage it in which he’s being an actual jerk.

By Cary Tennis
18, 2006 5:00PM (UTC december)


Once I began dating my present boyfriend, it had been as though every thing dropped into spot. It finally felt like just what a relationship was thought by me should feel I became extremely delighted, but additionally afraid that my boyfriend would discover one thing about my past that will alter just how he felt about me personally. He seemed uncomfortable with all the number of individuals we had slept with, nonetheless it was not a issue that is huge.

One evening, after speaing frankly about a pal of ours whom came across their gf in a threesome, he asked me personally if I’d ever experienced one. It did not occur to us to particularly lie about something We think about therefore small, and so I responded genuinely and told him yes.

From then on, everything changed. The evening we told him we’d had a threesome, he cried and stated he felt ill. He became therefore aggravated beside me which he started to pick at me personally, plus it appears like every thing i actually do is wrong. Overnight, we went from being in a relationship that made me personally a lot more confident and delighted with myself to being in a relationship that brings me straight down and constantly reminds me personally of my shortcomings.

This has been 6 months since he learned. I inquired him to obtain treatment, in which he saw a couple. He stated none of these recommendations aided (one proposed that he laugh it well and ensure it is into a tale), and additionally they appeared to go out of tips. Now it really is like he is given up. We seldom have sexual intercourse any longer, since when we’ve sex, he ponders my past. He states he has all of these rules on what is right and what is wrong that he sees sex as sacred, and even though he’s not religious.