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Feminine sex tourism: for money or love?

Feminine sex tourism: for money or love?

April 29, 2010 10:30 AM UTC

BOSTON The arrests this week of 28 “beach men” in Indonesia accused by the authorities of attempting to sell intercourse to female tourists highlights a surging global occurrence.

GlobalPost correspondents and editors have seen this brand name of feminine sex tourism in a lot of corners around the globe, including Jamaica, Jordan, Senegal, Ukraine and somewhere else. There is certainly an ever growing human anatomy of work by film documentarians and authors chronicling just just what is apparently a subculture that is thriving. At resorts, coastline communities and attractions that are tourist Egypt to Indonesia, ladies with disposable incomes are negotiating with regional guys that are in the commercial of providing the service of convenient coupling for female tourists on christmas.

The current arrests, from the area of Bali, coincided utilizing the launch of a documentary from the resort’s “gigolos.” The film, “Cowboys in Paradise” which contains candid interviews with regional guys and also the international women that be seduced by them had gone viral on the net but has because been taken out of the official site by its manufacturers. Here is a YouTube trailer.

It is in no way the very first try to explain a trend that, relating to Jeannette Belliveau, writer of a novel checking out the subject “Romance on the way” is “going on every-where from Fiji to Peru, well not in the Caribbean and Africa and southern European countries.”