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How to begin a farm – City slickers to farmers that are profitable

How to begin a farm – City slickers to farmers that are profitable

“How’d they are doing that?” homesteading show (Post no. 1).

How to begin a farm

Here’s just how one New Brunswick household started a farm from scratch and how you can t .

They knew NOTHING about farming or homesteading. They didn’t mature on a farm. They didn’t have kind of farming training. Heck, they’d never ever also raised a chicken.

It is an nearly unbelievable story about exactly how Jason Beaton and Stephanie Robertson of Maplehurst Farms dropped “ass backwards”, because they like to state, into farming…..And SUCCEEDED!

Their story actually deserves a guide, but here is the abridged form of just how within just ten years they began and now run a profitable farm increasing the kind of meat money frequently can’t buy.

I’ve additionally included some of the lessons that are hard learned along the way and their advice for people novice homesteaders.

Jason Beaton and Stephanie Robertson along with their two kiddies at their farm (Maplehurst Farms) in Colpitt’s Settlement, NB.

They was once normal

Just 12 years back Jason, an industry analyst, and Stephanie, a trained instructor, were like the majority of newly married couples. They’d a home into the city, Ikea furniture and a car that is new. They travelled, had time for the life that is social went skiing into the cold weather and biking in the summer.

That is until the itch was got by them.

The itch getting from the city, l k for a little place in the country and live the g d life far from the busyness. Therefore in October 2006, per year they traded their bungalow in Moncton, New Brunswick for a 200 year old farm house and 300 acres of land in Colpitts Settlement, New Brunswick after they were married.

Heritage Berkshire pigs were among the animals that are first get to Maplehurst Farms.

The farm had been a fixer top. It had sat fallow for 25 years and the whole farmhouse had to be renovated down to the electric and plumbing.