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How exactly to fix scratches and scuffs to car paintwork

How exactly to fix scratches and scuffs to car paintwork

You can do it your self. but would you wish to?

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WHETHER IT was your fault or perhaps not, a car’s bodywork is hardly ever free from scratches or scruffs. For small scrapes, the immediate temptation could be to go right down to Halfords and select up a bottle of T-Cut. If the scar is really a little more severe, and you’re a bit more confident in your DIY skills, maybe you may want to purchase online the shade that is right of, sand down the region and respray it yourself. Especially if you’ve had a repair that is rather alarming from your own regional bodyshop.

Either option is feasible, but will the results be satisfactory in the event that you make an effort to repaint a panel that is car’s? After one of our very own cars was tangled up in a low-speed scrape, Driving got in contact with ChipsAway to witness the process that specialist roadside repairers go through, and it left without doubt inside our head keep it to the experts.

Luke Hall, a ChipsAway franchisee for the Esher area, in Surrey, guides us through the stages.

Neat and degrease

It’s imperative that the damaged area is free from dust, oil and tar, according to Hall. He utilizes professional degreasers and cloths and sets up an awning within the car to safeguard the fix area through the elements. Humidity and temperature affect the repair.

Sanding right back the damaged area removes the scratches and helps to ensure that the ultimate repair is sm th.